Step 1 - Select Your Virtual Number:


What is a Virtual Number?

Virtual Numbers look, sound, and act just like regular, local telephone numbers. The major difference is that Virtual Numbers are not tied to a physical phone line or location. This means that a Virtual Number can be assigned to one country and programmed to ring your home, cell, or office phone in another country! For example, if your grandmother lives in Spain, you can buy her a Virtual Number in Spain and forward it to your cell phone in Miami; the Virtual Number acts just like a local number in Spain, so your grandmother pays nothing, and you pay only a small monthly fee! Mytunu allows you to have Virtual numbers in over 56 countries and answer incoming calls from one central location or from multiple locations! With Virtual Numbers, friends and family can reach you anywhere in the world for the price of a local call in their country! All Virtual Numbers include unlimited incoming calls when forwarded to destinations in the United States and Canada! Virtual Numbers are compatible with your iPhone, Android, PC, or SIP account. Use the drop-down menu below or view our Rates to select your Virtual Number.